The Children of the Slum

IMG_0901A Slum is a small village set in an empty area of ​​the city. Maisonettes (the word is already large) are built with materials found here and there: cement, wood, metal, cloth, garbage, etc. ..


Slums dwellers come from all over India. Leaving their village, they set sail in the direction of the city in the hope of finding work and live a more comfortable life. Often, the children of these families are not in school.


The school where I teach is at the heart of a slum in Delhi. The mission of the organization that  founded it is to educate children until they are at the same level as their peers. At that time, they will be accepted in conventional schools.


These children are the poorest of the poor. Their living conditions are miserable. The images broadcast on television by humanitarian agencies are true. I walked these streets, I met human misery, but also kindness and strength beyond measure.


Every morning I am greeted by dozens of smiling faces, excited to learn and play with me. « Hello Didi! Hello Didi! Hello Didi! « They yell at me. For them, I am their big sister, their didi. Their vigorous and intelligent minds leave me without words. They have a thirst for learning that comforts me and I know that most of them wont spend their lives in a slum.


I always finish my course with a period drawing. I bring paper and pencils, because these tools are not available at their school. I feel like Santa Claus when I hand them these precious gifts. I’ve never seen children so happy to draw.


Here are some photos of the school and my students. Yes, I teach them outside at more than 34 degrees Celsius …